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To reprogram your subconscious mind to serve you!
To exchange negative beliefs to positive ones!
To understand and use the power of affirmations for change!
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My name is BeeCee Ugboh; if you are here, that means you want to know about the CARE Mentorship Program with BeeCee Ugboh ( CMP) and I welcome you specially.

The reason for this mentorship program is simply to help people find clarity in their life’s purpose and gain an understanding of the work required to achieve success in whatever endeavor they choose.

This is an answer to several calls from people for personal mentorship and guidance on how best to navigate life and careers in search of purpose and fulfillment. Being a personal development, career and Entrepreneurship Coach myself, I get to help people answer their innermost questions, clear their doubts and confusion and provide solutions to their problems almost on a daily basis. I have found that there’s no better way to help a number of people at once than through a mentorship program such as this at almost no cost (considering my coaching fee per session).

The mentorship program will last 10 weeks of intensive teachings and activities created to change mindset and spur positive habits that would be the bedrock of excellence and success. The program would be touching on finding clarity and purpose for assignment, understanding value, building resources, time management and finally learning diligence and how to effectively and efficiently discharge duties.

I will also be deploying NLP techniques to help mentees break their limiting believes and unleashing the power of the subconscious mind for success as I have done for myself. So register today, and share to your network as the universe is big enough to accommodate our successes.

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BeeCee Ugboh
PDCE Coach

The theme of this third edition is tagged CREATING AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT which seeks to train teachers, parents and school owners on the skills needed to handle students with learning disabilities and differences in an inclusive classroom. The training will be facilitated by a variety of Special Education Needs educators and psychologists who will share invaluable insights on how teachers can design their curriculum and teachings methods to accommodate student with different learning needs. This edition of Nurturing The Nurturer Masterclass will be a virtual event in line with post covid19 new normal and its scheduled to hold on the 28th of August 2021 using the Zoom platform. We have conscientiously selected some of Nigeria’s finest Industry experts and leading career coaches in education and special needs as our facilitators for the training.
To equip and train the educator on the 21st century techniques of teaching and learning in order to better prepare the children for the global world 
To show the educator how to explore teaching and learning using fun and play 
To expose the educator to the different learning style of children so they can better prepare their lessons to cater for every child 
To train the educator on how to harness critical thinking from their students 
To train the educator on how to reduce rote learning but rather embrace creativity to stimulate the students imaginative thinking capabilities that would help them create solutions to world problems. To empower educators to be able to handle children from all facets of life and create and inclusive teaching environment that caters to every child irrespective.

WhatsApp only 08064037131 for enquiries!

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