C.A.R.E Mentorship cohort 3

Hello there,

I am The Waker and my name is Dr. BeeCee Ugboh, here to wake you up to your highest potentials to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

If you are here, that means you want to know about the CARE Mentorship Program with The Waker(CMP) and I welcome you specially.

The reason for this mentorship program is simply to help people find clarity in their life’s purpose and gain an understanding of the work required to achieve success in whatever endeavor they choose.

This is an answer to several calls from people for personal mentorship and guidance on how best to navigate life and careers in search of purpose and fulfillment. Being a Personal, Spiritual and Career Transformation Coach myself, I get to help people answer their innermost questions, clear their doubts and confusion and provide solutions to their problems almost on a daily basis.

I have found that there’s no better way to help a number of people at once than through a mentorship program such as this at almost no cost (considering my coaching fee per session).

The mentorship program runs a span of 10 weeks of intensive teachings and activities created to change mindset and spur positive habits that would be the bedrock of excellence and success.

The program consist of 10 modules 1

Module 1: Welcome Participants and Meet Me
An introduction module for participants to meet , understand objectives and clear expectations.

Module 2 – Clarity for Assignment
The concept of clarity and purpose is defined and how one can get and harness their natural talents for a life of ease.

Module 3 – Emotional Awareness 1
The module takes the participants into themselves for a more knowing and understanding of who they really are in order to better understand why they do what they do.

Module 4 – Emotional Awareness 2
The module gets participants to confront the deep rooted parts of trauma affecting their life and success and launch them into a journey of healing.

Module 5 – Group Coaching 1
Participants are made to pick any aspect of life they want improvement and The Waker coaches them through setting goals on those areas.

Module 6 – Group Coaching 2
The final aspect of the group Coaching and action plans.

Module 7 – Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind for Success
This module helps participants understand how to harness the power of their subconscious mind through giving the right instructions for a better life.

Module 8 – Breaking Limiting Beliefs and The Power of Affirmations
This module helps participants identify their negative beliefs and replace them with positive and better serving beliefs.

Module 9 – Time Management
Participants learn to prioritize and manage their time better for more productivity.

Module 10 – Resourcefulness/ Excellence/ Efficiency
The final module explores the concept of being resourceful and the skills for achieving excellence in all they do.

Bonus Module
Visualization and Vision Boarding
The Bonus module comes after the participants have completed their project. Participants are able to imagine the life they want and make pictorial representation of it.

So register today, and share to your network as the universe is big enough to accommodate our successes.

Registration fee: 150k
Event Date: January 28th to 1st of April 2023

Installments are allowed for people who would prefer to break their payment.

Certificate will be issued after a completion of project.

Group Accountability continues after the classes for as long as participants need it.

Payment Details
Obiajulu Olabisi Ugboh

WhatsApp only 08064037131
The Waker
Dr. BeeCee Ugboh