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Zhao Zhongyao agreed and went to the workshop in person.Soon, Zhao Zhongyao brought a large group of workers from the workshop to the office building.A few days ago, there were only a dozen people in this factory.Now there were more than two hundred people at once, which seemed extremely lively.Especially this time, more than a dozen female workers came, which made the military factory, which was originally dominated by male workers, appear to be more lively than before.These male and female workers are young people, and many of them are single.Now that there are more than a dozen female employees, it will naturally make them fantasies.But to be honest, most of the dozen or so female workers are not very long.Think about it, too, the girl the best fat burner for females who is willing to go to the military factory to fight with guns and guns with a bunch of masters will definitely not be the chuchu moving girl.It can only be some sturdy men like male women.But then again, some positions in the military factory also require some smart girls.For example, some quality inspection work requires some careful girls.If she is a girl like Ma Daha, she will not be able to do such a job.But anyway, there are certainly not many pretty girls willing to work Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine in the military factory.But then again, beautiful is originally a vague concept.What is beautiful and what is not beautiful, Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine isn t it all relative Pretties are considered pretty relative to the average, but pretty relative to more prettier, it is not pretty.Among the dozen girls who came to Lowers cholesterol levels Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine the military factory this time, one girl was quite attractive.His name is Zhao Qianqian, and when he hears this name, he feels like a beauty.Yes, this Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine girl is really pretty.It may be that other girls are not so good, so Zhao Qianqian is set off more like a flower.Zhao Qianqian is one meter six three meters tall.Although not very tall, among the girls, they are basically superior.The slender figure, although wearing a somewhat generous overalls, still looks heroic and tall, with a heroic style.White skin, delicate facial features, and black and shiny hair make her appearance stand out among this group of ordinary men and women.Zhao Qianqian s job in the military factory is the quality inspection of small finished weapons.It is to use some instruments to conduct an overall inspection topamax wellbutrin weight loss of the small arms to be put into storage to see if there are any quality problems.If there are, they will naturally be classified as defective.Zhao Qianqian is an unmarried girl who is only in her twenties this year.After graduating from high school, with the help of her brother, she entered a military factory.After all, such slimming world magazine usa a unit is driving and flooding Block fat production Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine to ensure income , which is considered an iron rice bowl.If you want to say who Zhao Qianqian s brother fda approved energy pills is, everyone might have guessed that he is Zhao Gang.An energy supplements that really work old military worker who has worked in a military factory for more than ten years.In fact, if it is Zhao Gang s help, it is also exaggerating Zhao Gang s energy.No matter how many years Zhao Gang has worked in the military factory, he is just an excellent skilled phentermine without rx worker.

Because these two like Zhao Qianqian, they deliberately sat next to her when they were sitting.Originally, they wanted to always support Zhao Qianqian.But Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine just now After listening to Director Zhao s speech, the two of them changed their minds again.Because what Director Zhao said was very reasonable, they did it for test diet pills for free the sake of raspberry ketone cvs everyone s future and future.They wanted militarized management, so too Want to make this military industry base become a military industry group as soon as possible, and then let everyone become instant counter glass burner cover the leading cadre of this military industry group, so that everyone has a better future.According to others, those Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine Rapid Tone promises a fast fat-burning process through its keto-based formula. The pills contain garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean, which when combined help block carbs and provide the enzymes known for helping in healthy weight loss. This weight loss supplement is made non-GMO and gluten-free. who supported Zhao Qianqian before will naturally naltrexone weight loss reviews change their minds.It s the same with Li Cheng and Sun Dahai.It s just that they both see that no one has raised their hands now, only Zhao Qianqian has raised their hands.It really feels a bit pathetic for Zhao obesity headaches Qianqian.Originally, thermogenic vitamins they both thought about it no matter what.There must be some people who will raise their hands If that s the case, the two of them will also raise their hands, no matter what the final result is, at least they can always support Zhao Qianqian.But the result surprised them both, and they were reluctant to see it.Canceling botanical slimming soft gels reviews the militarization management regulations, the two of them don t want to steal the limelight.However, now that phentermine results before and after Zhao Qianqian is staring at them both severely.They both feel a little embarrassed.Hey, Fatty Dahai I don t think so, let s give Zhao Qianqian some face, let s raise our hands too Anyway, it s nothing to do, and nothing can be decided.Li Cheng looked at Zhao Qianqian alone raising his hand, and he was really sorry, so he also raised his hand.When Fatty Dahai saw Li Cheng raised his hand, he raised his hand embarrassedly.Is there anyone else raising his hand.Zhao Zhongyao watched for a long time and raised their hands with these three people, so he asked again.But no one raised their hands anymore.Haha, it seems that the best appetite suppressant over the counter my decision is still very democratic Among the two hundred odd people, only three did not agree to militarized management.Is it just a small part In this way, we will obey the majority by the minority and continue to implement this militarized management regulation I hope that the three Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine people who raised their hands just now will think about it after they go back, whether it is your thinking or the thinking of the two hundred people.Why can people understand what I m talking about, but the three of Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine you don t understand Okay, I won t say anything else, let s go to work, Powerful Fat Burner Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine everyone After Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine Zhao Zhongyao finished Block fat production Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine Burn stored fat Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine speaking, we let everyone adjourn.Everyone has gone to work in natural appetite suppressant supplement the workshop now.Only Zhao Qianqian returned to the dormitory alone.She asked the workshop (MTS Nutrient Driver) Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine director that she was unwell and wanted to take a day off.Workshop

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director Naturally, she understood her thoughts, so she approved her fake.Anyway, there are not many production tasks.Everything is only at the stage of familiarizing with the new machine tool.

Air defense radar can detect the drone, but when the location of the drone is confirmed, there will be a deviation.In other words, the anti jamming equipment on the drone only reduces the accuracy of our air defense radar in measuring the position of the target in the sky, rather than failing to find the target.But this time the invisible missile developed by Jonis and Wesley is not It s the same.This thing can completely shield the radar waves of the air defense radar.It makes the radar completely unable to perceive the existence of the stealth missile.In this way, our raspberry ketones gnc reviews radar becomes a display for the stealth missile.The effect is gone.It is equivalent Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine to saying that the eyes detox drinks for weight loss gnc of our air defense radar are blindfolded as soon as the missiles fly by.Even if the radar has many eyes , you can how long do duromine side effects last t see a stealth missile Zhao Zhongyao deserves to be a military genius.Regarding the enemy s stealth missile attack this time, he quickly understood how all this happened.What is the root cause of all this happening.It s just that Yan Mingcheng is not an expert in military industry.He was still a little confused after hearing the difference between stealth missiles and drones explained by Zhao Zhongyao.Zhongyao, you said that the stealth missile developed by the enemy can completely shield the signal of our air defense radar this time.Then what advanced instrument did they install on the stealth missile Actually, worlds best diet pill they can do this Yan Mingcheng couldn t understand what Zhao Zhongyao said, so he asked again.I don t know exactly what advanced instruments Jonis and Wesley have installed phentermine free trial on their stealth missiles.After all, we can t see the missiles they launch now, and we don t know what advanced equipment they have on their missiles.What about the instrument Last time, the enemy launched a drone.At any rate, we could find some anti jamming equipment from the wreckage of the drone.But this time, they launched missiles.The missiles attacked the target., It s completely self destructed.Even on the Mushroom Island, where the missile is attacking the target, you can t see other people s stealth missiles.At plexus slim reviews amazon most, you can pick up Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine a few pieces of shrapnel.This is also meaningless, we don t Perhaps from a few pieces of shrapnel, you can see what advanced equipment people have installed on mens weight loss meal plan the missile.Zhongyao, if you say so, we don t know how the stealth missile developed by others is stealth.So how can we deal with others You were so confident just now, I don t understand where your confidence comes from.Yan Mingcheng heard Zhao Zhongyao say that he didn t know that there were people developed fast pillscom by Jonis and Wesley.He is very strange how his stealth missile is invisible.I don t understand how Zhao Zhongyao would deal with others if he didn t know how to make their missiles completely invisible.Lao Yan, although I don t know how the enemy s stealth missiles are invisible.But I can be sure that they must be equipped with top 10 weight loss pills uk a powerful shielding radio signal on the missiles.This kind of thing can be used for radar.

It s just that others are embarrassed to say Li Nanzhi.Only Zhao Qianqian high cholesterol pills can talk about can cholesterol medication cause weight loss her casually.What do you know, this is called tidying up the housework Those of you quilts, wait a while, if Director Zhao comes to check, wait for criticism Li Nanzhi sorted out the wrinkles on his quilt while scanning everyone s quilt with mocking eyes.Nonsense, is tidying up the quilt How is this possible I don t believe it.Although high protein and fat diet Zhao Qianqian also has a soldier, she really doesn t know much about tidying up the house.But Li Nanzhi was different, she still knew a lot of the life of the troops from her brother.When Li Nansong had just left the army and brought the quilt back from the army, he also personally demonstrated to his sister what it means to tidy up best weight loss exercise routine the house.After Li Nanzhi watched it at that time, he felt very curious.So I also learned to organize the housework for a while.So, she still has some experience.Now as soon as Director Zhao said that everyone should organize the housework first, then he might come to check.So she sorted out the house by herself first.The other female workers treat botanical pills to lose weight the housekeeping as cleaning.In fact, in Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases Phentermine Versus Phendimetrazine the army, tidying up the house, in a broad sense, naturally includes cleaning.It s just that in all the work, only folding the quilt is the most important job, and it is the focus of the housekeeping work.Therefore, in the army, the housekeeping is generally regarded as a quilt.It s slim fast side effects just that Zhao Qianqian didn t believe Li Nanzhi s words.She felt that cleaning up the house should mainly be cleaning, not where to buy phen phen diet pills quilting.If you don t believe me, you can go to the male workers dormitory.After you read it, you will believe it.Although Li Nanzhi did not go to the male workers dormitory, she can guess that the quilts in the male workers dormitory must be renovated.Tofu cubes too.Huh, I ll go belly fat removal pills and see.Zhao Qianqian is also a temperament.Upon hearing Li Nanzhi s words, she sneaked prescription drugs weight loss to the door of the male workers dormitory.Since everyone got up and there were too many people living in the dormitory, the air was naturally bad, so most extreme weight loss pills the door was kept open.Zhao Qianqian protein filled foods walked to the door of the dormitory and only glanced inside, and saw that the quilts in the men s dormitory were really like tofu cubes.Especially the quilts of her brother Zhao Gang and Li Nanzhi s brother Li Nansong are even cut with a knife.They are very flat and beautiful.It weight loss tools that work feels a little weird, I don t know how such a quilt is folded.Ah, tidying up the house is really fixing the quilt.Zhao Qianqian only glanced at it, and was shocked by the is forskolin dangerous scene inside.When she returned to her dormitory for female workers, Zhao Qianqian sat on the bed and said nothing.Hey, comrade beauty, what s the matter Are the quilts in the male dormitory the same as the tofu cubes Li Nanzhi came to Zhao Qianqian and asked.Yeah I really don t understand, why do you make the quilt like that Don t you use it at night Are the quilts used to cover They are not for viewing.Zhao Qianqian was very unconvinced and did not understand what Zhao Zhongyao was doing.

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