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You think, these military experts in our army, again How can it be compared with the military industry experts in many developed Burn stored fat Fat Loss Men countries in the world Even if garcinia cambogia by dr oz Zhao Zhongyao has two brushes, it is only awesome in fat burning tablets in india front of us.If he compares him with the world s first class military industry experts, he will be awesome.Force it So, don t look at Zhao Zhongyao s victory in the light weapons competition of the whole army this time, but this is nothing As long as diet pills australia he doesn t win any prizes at the Global Light Weapons Exhibition this time, he will still pay In that way, it is impossible to be particularly valued by the leadership.Chen Dongshan is very confident, feeling that Zhao Zhongyao s two brushes, in source 4 weight front of ordinary military experts like them, can be awesome.If you encounter some powerful military does garcinia cambogia pills really work experts, then Zhao Zhongyao s two brushes will have to be preserved as early as possible.After listening to Chen Dongshan s analysis, Zhang Lianying was also green coffee bean extract in india somewhat relieved.The two said nothing for now.It just changed another (Hydroxycut Drink Mix) Fat Loss Men cigarette.After taking two more sips, Zhang Lianying suddenly asked apidren ingredients Chen Dongshan again You only protein food said, should we accompany Zhao Zhongyao pill to to Country M this time Chen Dongshan listened to it and thought for a the best prescription diet pill while and said, Why not go Anyway Think of it as traveling abroad How can we not go if there is such a chance At that time, we can also see Zhao Zhongyao face to face in Natural Weight Loss Capsules Fat Loss Men front of the world class military experts.But Zhang Lianying heard what Chen Dongshan said, but said A different view.Old Chen, I feel that it is better for us to stay at home this Fat Loss Men time.Zhang Lianying, this old fox seems to have other plans.Why, don t you want to travel abroad Country M is the most developed country in the world, and there are many tourist attractions We have a rare opportunity to go abroad, why not go Chen Dongshan thought a little when he heard Zhang Lianying s Say Goodbye Fat Fat Loss Men words.Nowhere.How can you not go for such a good opportunity Is it going to go abroad to have fun Old Chen,

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it s not that 5 Best Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise Fat Loss Men the two of us haven t participated slim phen reviews in the Global Light Weapons Exhibition in Country M.What s so good about Fat Loss Men this, is it some guns I think green tea gel caps it s better to stay at home and rest for a while Looking at Chen Dongshan, Zhang Lianying said this opposite view.Chen Dongshan looked at Zhang Lianying and said again Old Zhang, do soper topix diet pill qsymia reviews you have other plans If you have any plans, can you say it too If I think it is possible, I would naturally be willing to stay.With Dongshan s words, Zhang Lianying immediately came to Chen different types of hydroxycut Dongshan.He leaned in front of Chen Dongshan, as if he wanted to say something private Block fat production Fat Loss Men When Chen Dongshan saw Zhang Lianying like this, he was still a little uncomfortable He pushed Zhang Lianying s shoulder Fat Loss Men These vegan-friendly and gluten-free weight loss pills for women and even men utilize the effects of keto. Urus Weight Loss Pills help block absorption of consumed fat, burn fat faster, suppress appetite and boost energy as well as mood. The pills contain buckthorn and hibiscus as main ingredients and are made without additives or preservatives. and said, You what are you doing Do you want to bite my ear Zhang Lianying looked at Chen Dongshan, and then whispered Old Chen, I already have a major So, I m not going to participate in any global light weapons exhibition.I think you d better Fat Loss Men not go, and we will complete our action plan together.

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So you can shoot.Therefore, ten target platforms were built on this wasteland for testing new guns.And two hundred meters away from the target platform, there is a trench for reporters.When it was time for shooting training, there were target reporters who took the target into the trench and raised the target.The shooting crew can see the target and shoot.The police officers are naturally safe in the trenches.They can hear the sound of bullets penetrating the cardboard of the target.From the holes punched by the bullets, they can know how many rings the shooter hit.Then they displayed it in a special report form.Because of the safety of the best over the counter diet pill 2017 target reporters, it is impossible for them to stand outside from the trench and tell the shooter a few rings.This is not only troublesome, but also very dangerous.So someone invented this simplest and safest method of balanced protein reporting targets.Under normal circumstances, all troops use this method of reporting targets.This is also a traditional way of reporting targets.The general action of this method is like this.A small bamboo pole was held Lowers cholesterol levels Fat Loss Men in the hands of every person reporting the fiber vitamins walmart target.A striking red round small iron piece is remedies for weight loss tied to the top of the small bamboo pole.This small bamboo pole is three to four meters long, and the target person can stand in the trench and stretch the top of the bamboo pole above the target.In this way, if the shooter does not hit the target and hits the zero ring, he can draw a circle in front of the target with the eye catching small red iron piece on the top of amsa fast pills the small bamboo pole.This means that the shooter missed the target and did laxative weight loss plan not hit the target at reviews on slimquick all, only the zero ring.If it is a five ring the general target, there is no one.It is the five ring directly, starting from the five ring and going to Fat Loss Men the tenth ring.Draw a horizontal fat blaster tablets do they work in the middle of the whip.If it is a six ring, draw a vertical one in front of the target.If it is a seven ring, draw a smaller in the upper left corner.If it is Eight Rings , draw a smaller pure strength slim gym in the Fat Loss Men upper right corner.If it is a nine ring, draw a smaller one right on the target.If it is a ten ring, just in front chinese weight loss pill of the target, first draw the word one horizontally.Draw another one character vertically.In fact, it means to draw a ten in front of used weight the target.In the army, the general way of reporting targets is like this.Although Zhao Zhongyao had never been a soldier, he had also been in the army.Also served as a battalion commander for a month.I also know a lot about the army s rifle shooting method.So I led the workers to build this rifle shooting range early, just for one day, when a new gun is produced, it will be used for shooting experiments.To hunger suppresants be continued.Zhao Zhongyao and Zhao Gang, china white fat burner together with Zhao Gang, brought the team to the front of the shooting range.At this time, Zhao Zhongyao said to everyone again Now those who want to participate in the competition can stand in front of the target platform.Those who are unwilling to participate in the competition can stand still and be an audience.

When I say this, you understand everything.After hearing these words from Zhao Zhongyao, Jonis was also uncomfortable.I don t admire Zhao Zhongyao for being an extremely smart person.Ah, it turned out to be like this.In this way, it is trim life diet pills our country that has offended the leader of your country M in these two turmeric forskolin shark tank wars.Hearing Zhao Zhongyao s words, Liu Tianming also woke up like a dream, as if all of a Lowers cholesterol levels Fat Loss Men sudden.I understood amazing garcinia scam the way.No, you said that in the two wars this year, you made our advanced health risk of garcinia cambogia weapons lose face in the war.Then you say, we will give you a good booth position this time Joe After listening to Liu Tianming s words, slimming world bread Nice agreed to say another sentence.Okay, Dr.Qiao, since this is the case, then I am sorry for you, because of me, let you retire early, I n berry pill am really embarrassed.When Jonis said this, Zhao Zhongyao also felt that before I misunderstood the old man.This is another apology to the old man This matter has nothing to do with most effective prescription weight loss pills the old man, it s just that the leaders are careful.Haha, Zhao Zhongyao, why are you talking about this Anyway, I am getting older and retiring sooner or later, but I feel that all of us leaders are defiant and don t put anyone at all.In the eyes, if this is the case, they will suffer.So, I don t want to go to this pool anymore.It doesn t matter if I retired, I don t have to worry about anything.What will happen to the future military industry of garcinia cambogia gnc stores country M, I Don t worry about it anymore.The old man looked away, but felt that his life was easier.Liu Tianming heard what Jonis said, and he said with the same feeling We in China have an old saying, No officials reviews on phentermine diet pills are lighter I want to give you this Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Fat Loss Men sentence, and I hope we can encourage each other.Jonis listened.I just looked at Liu Tianming happily and said Okay, what you said is too good, I want to remember this sentence, so that I will live more chic.To be continued.Five hundred Chapter 08 The old guy is not bad.Chapter 508 The old guy is not bad.Look at Zhao Zhongyao, this matter has been said almost anyway, and it will be useless to pull it on, so I want Zhong Liu Tianming to leave together.Director Liu, I think we are really here for nothing this time.If this is the case, let s go back It seems that Dr.Qiao can t help us much.When Zhao Zhongyao said that, Liu Tianming He also nodded, feeling that it was meaningless here, so I had to go back.But at this moment, Jonis stopped them best fat loss drug again and said, Hey, two of you don t go now.That s it.I know that this time we are sorry for you.Then, I ll make a call and tell our leader., Just say that you are my good friends, see if they will give me a face and change your booth.Jonis has really learned this, so he has to stand up for Zhao Zhongyao To call their leader Dr.Joe, this is unnecessary Your leader does it works products work is afraid that he won t listen to you.Liu Tianming said, looking at Jonis in this way.Yeah Dr.Joe, don t bother, let this be the case We only need to know the truth of this matter.Zhao Zhongyao didn t want to stay here anymore, anyway, there is no way to change it, then Let it go No, how do you say, are we old friends too Wait a minute, I ll make a call right away, and it won t take a few minutes.

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