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Waker and I’m here to wake you up to your highest potential for a more fulfilling life!

Embark on a transformative journey with expert life coaching, tailored to empower you in achieving your goals and unlocking your limitless potential.


Coaching Benefits

Unlock your full potential through coaching — a tailored partnership that fosters personal growth, navigates challenges, and propels you towards your aspirations with purpose and confidence.


Achieve life goals

Empower your journey towards success by setting and attaining meaningful life goals, creating a roadmap for personal and professional fulfillment.


Self Development

Self-development is the ongoing process of nurturing personal growth and honing skills, leading to a more empowered and fulfilled self.



Fostering present-moment awareness, mindfulness enhances well-being by deepening the connection with thoughts, emotions, and surroundings.


Ask Consultancy

Expert guidance and solutions tailored to your needs, enhancing decision-making and fostering growth.


About Me

The Waker: Dr Obiajulu Olabisi Ugboh

popularly known as BeeCee Ugboh, is a certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) from Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy Nigeria. A graduate of Political Science and also bags an International Diploma in Montessori Education. She went further to obtain a certificate in basic presentation from the National Broadcast Academy, A leadership certification from GOTNI Leadership Academy, An MBA from Zurich Elite Business School Switzerland, and a Master's Degree in Education from UNICAF University. She was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate in Media and Philosophy by PROWESS University, United States of America.


The C.A.R.E mentorship programme has helped me to pay close attention to my actions and the motives behind them, to realize the need to have a balanced life, through the wheel of life by ensuring no aspect of my life suffers at the expense of the other. This in turn has helped me to see the importance and possibility of having a balanced life in order to arrive at my desired destination.

Abimbola Adetunji

The wheel of life revealed to me that my life is not balanced however, a balance life is achievable. This made me to be delibrate in my daily living and strive to make up on the aspect of life that needs I mprovement e.g I exercise daily, do daily meditation though still trying to be still during the meditation and scanning my environment to see what I can do to increase my sources of income.

Bridget Habila

Public Servant
I've Been on A Path Of Self-Scrutiny and The C. A. R. E Mentorship Program (First Four Classes) 'IS' Helping Me Have A Smooth Ride On this Journey. Thank You Coach BeeCee for Boldly Sharing Your Wealth Of Knowledge Without Holding Back.

Joy Nganya

Registered Nurse and Midwife
The C. A. R. E mentorship acquaintance has taught me that you only know strength when you are weak, you only grow faith when fear wets the ground around you. It has shown me, so far, that even though I am not a bird, I can soar high on lofty heights. This program has taught me balance and has given me a push. It has awakened me to a deeper understanding of the strength within. I will recommend C. A. R. E. Mentorship class to anyone who just wants to take a step.

Echon U. Zorto

Public Servant
Thus far the program has helped open my eyes to the major areas of my life and environment that I need to improve on and the ones I can actually capitalize on (take advantage of) in order to live a healthily meaningful and balanced life.

Ukadike Ifeanyichukwu Stewarts

A Mathematics and Literacy Educator
I am happy I took this training; it has helped me to have more love in my heart. I found out now that I forgive without holding back. So yesterday a friend was reminding me of what someone did to me, normally I would have gotten angry immediately, but I just told my friend, "Abeg Na she know" and I didn't feel any hatred or bitterness in me. Immediately I told myself "Gina, you have changed"

Ehiogie Regina

Fashion Entrepreneur